Thursday, 14 March 2013

Wigan People and Places

I had two brief outings this week, to the town centre. I was looking for a 'Street Photograph' for my Flickr group theme, and I visited the nearby Mesnes Park to see the ongoing restoration work.

Blending In. This chap all in white, posing as a statue, positioned himself next to a white wall. I nearly missed him!!

Busking. This guy was in good voice and kept moving to his own beat. It was a freezing cold morning!!

Postie. I loved the way his fluorescent jacket and bright red trolley stood out against the black and white pub.
The croci are blooming on the land opposite the entrance to Wigan Market.

The statue of Francis Sharp Powell, Wigan MP and benefactor, has been recently restored to its former glory in Mesnes Park, which is currently undergoing  necessary and very welcome restoration.
Study in black and white.

Powell seated.

Rub For Luck. A long-held tradition is to rub the foot of the statue for good luck!!

Thoughtful pose.

Flash-lit shiny shoe!!

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  1. Great images !

    My favourites are the photos of Powell in the Park