Monday, 31 October 2016

Kings Moss Mist

As the mist lingered on into the afternoon and the watery Sun in a blue sky warmed the day, I went to one of my favourite local areas for some atmospheric images.
I have used a mixture of Velvia colour, Acros black and white, and Tonality tones to create different effects on the images here.

Fuji X-T2, 10-24mm and 60mm Fuji lenses.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Haigh Plantations Autumn Colour

Three reasons why I really enjoyed this trip out to the Haigh Plantations:

1. I had my wonderful sister with me!
2. I had my new Fuji X-T2 camera for its first outing!
3. It's one of my favourite locations for Nature Photography!

Golden Glow Through Shadows

Autumn Show

Bare Branch Shadow

Black and White Studies

Copse Canal Reflection

Bright Funghi

Leaf Studies

Glowing Leaves

Large and Small

Light Leaves By The Bridge

Mist Beyond

Guardians Of The Path

Golden Pathway

Two Dark Trees

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Three Sisters Recreation Area

I went to find Autumn colour on a cloudy, grey day, and this area near Ashton didn't let me down!

Plenty of Autumn colours in the trees and bold wildlife looking for treats!

Fuji X-E2 with 18mm, 35mm and 55-200mm Fuji lenses.