Monday, 23 February 2015

High Tide, Big Waves

Like buses, as the saying goes, none come for ages, then three come along at once!

So it is with Crosby Beach, as Josie and I went again, this time for the Spring High Tide that was forecast to be higher than usual due in part to the Moon's proximity.

Canon 60D, 17-40mm L lens.

Interacting with the sea

 Waves, just BIG waves!!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

St Wilfred's Church, Standish.

I've never been in this church, and today only wandered round the outside as an Ash Wednesday Service was ongoing.
It was built in 1584 on the site of an earlier church, and is a mix of Renaissance and English Gothic architecture, a Grade One listed building.

Canon 60D, 17-40mm L lens.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Crosby Beach, again!!

Taking advantage of a still, sunny morning, Josie and I went to Crosby Beach and walked the coastal path towards Formby. The tide was on its way out, so we took some images of the sculptures again before we left.

Fuji X-M1, 18-55mm lens.

Barely A Ripple

Crosby Beach Panorama
Leeds Bricks
To help prevent coastal erosion between Crosby and Formby, millions of house bricks were dumped along the shallow cliffs, and over time they have become worn smooth by tidal action.
It is fascinating to scrabble through the (mainly red brick) piles looking for names, but these three white bricks, all from the Leeds area, stood out today!

Getting The Shot

Taking Flight

Misty Millpond Waters
Wave Sculpture

Barely Breaking


Ripple Reflection

Thursday, 12 February 2015

St Thomas The Martyr, Upholland

I had an hour to spare so visited the above.

There has been a lot of clearing work done on the old original graveyard, all the graves are clear of weeds and grass, and some date back to 1711, so I will revisit in warmer weather to take some images.

However, I had a chance to get some interior shots thanks to the kind parishioners who were tidying up the church. It has a fascinating history going back to medieval times when it was a Priory.

One of the window images features a reconstructed window from tiny random pieces of stained glass recovered after the Priory was wrecked during the Reformation.

Fuji XM1, 35mm and 60mm Fuji lenses.