Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cathedral and Clouds

This week I took my lovely sister Hilary for a photographic tour of Liverpool. These are the results.
I used my Canon 60D on Aperture Priority and worked between a Canon 60mm prime and a Tamron 10-24mm for the wide angle shots.

Altar and Blue Arches

Altar Side View

Altar and Crown

Click Click Reflection

Crown Closeup Colour

Crown Colour Tryptch
Curved Pews

Spiders Web

Modern Madonna and Child

Pale Sun Through Stained Glass

City Sky Lines

Dark Dock Clouds

Happy Birthday Billy Fury

Dock Panorama

Rebirth and Renewal

Royal Iris

Spiral Staircase

Dark Clouds and Docks

Three Graces Wide Angle
The Three Graces


  1. Lovely Liverpool - some great moments captured forever.

    The cathedral always looks beautiful - my favourites are Spiders Web and Pale Sun Through Stained Glass.

  2. It's interesting how similar and different our sets of photos are :-)
    Your wide angle lens does great panoramas, and you have a good eye for geometric patterns, like the Spiral Staircase. The Crown Colour Triptych is very effective - the colours in the Cathedral are wonderful!