Monday, 26 December 2016

Westwood, Poolstock

Braving the stiff breeze on a cold Boxing Day, I decided to start exploring the area off Poolstock that was once the site of the Westwood Power Station and the two massive cooling towers.
The towers were demolished in January 1989, and since then the area, now part of the Greenheart Flashes, has been returned to nature.
Especially prominent are Silver Birch trees, and I'll hopefully document a season of growth and change in this area.

Access to the area via Lock 1 of the Leigh Branch near St James' Church, Poolstock

The footprint of one of the mighty cooling towers

The channels that brought water from Pearson's Flash to the towers, now overgrown

Blowing Reeds

Blending Into Nature

Glowing Trees

Bright Silver Birches

Bare Silver Birch Trunks

Chain Winding Gear on the Canal Lock

Winter Swan on Pearson's Flash

Friday, 9 December 2016

Manchester Christmas Markets

Although it was a dull and somewhat rainy day in Manchester City centre, the crowds were out and the market stalls were as busy as ever!

I used a small camera to capture as many candid images as I could, processing the Black and White images in Silver Efex Pro.

Sony RX100 Mk2