Sunday, 22 May 2016

Scotmans Flash Stroll

A chance to stroll along the Leeds/Liverpool Canal Leigh Branch as it passes through the Flashes at Poolstock.

Lots of wildlife and wonderful Spring colour on show!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Haigh Plantations In Late Spring

I went to small area of the Plantations where I know the trees grow thick and are undisturbed by paths, and here I found wonderful patterns and light made by trunks, fresh green leaves and mottled sunlight.

I used two cameras, the Fuji X-T1 with a fixed 18mm Fuji lens, and the Sony Rx100 which has a 28-100mm lens allowing for various images.

The first set are the Fuji 18mm images.

Broken Roots in B/W

The Thin Trunk

Red Colour In the Canopy

Dark Companions

Through The Gap

In Position B/W

Silver Birch ICM

These are the Sony images.

The Still Pond

Down In The Bluebells

Bare Thin Trunk
Spaced Apart B/W

Still Proud

Sunlight Trunk Burst
Silver Swamp

Horse Chestnut Candles

Friday, 13 May 2016

A Canal Stroll

I had a spare hour so went down to the Leeds/Liverpool canal at Gathurst, where the Canal, River Douglas, M6 and Southport to Manchester rail line all converge.

Here are the results!
Sony Rx100 Mk2

Bridge 46 Reflections

Reflected Bridge Light

Lock and Barge 
Clock and Lock

Five Methods Of Travel

Framed Barge

Lines In The Landscape

Low Level lock

Milford Star Moored

Disused Gears (B/W)

Rust and Rot

Stone, Iron, Steel and Concrete

Winding Gear

Canal Reflection
Mooring Post

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Fairy Glen Bluebells

Once again the beautiful area of Fairy Glen in Appley Bridge has bloomed into colour with the Bluebells and Wild Garlic.

The site follows Sprodley Brook which has, over time, cut down through the underlying sandstone to create the steep Fairy Glen valley with spectacular waterfalls and cliff faces. These features, interspersed within the ancient broadleaved woodland, make Fairy Glen one of the most picturesque woodlands in the borough. 

Designated as a Biological Heritage Site for its oak, birch, ash and alder, the site boasts a rich and mature woodland biodiversity. There is a wide variety of flora growing at the site and, depending on the season, the woodland floor may be covered with bluebells, wild garlic, ferns, and red campion. 

Sony Rx100 Mk2.