Monday, 17 February 2020

London 'Street' Images

Following on from my Architecture work, here are some images of people on the streets of London.
I love trying to capture faces and poses in their everyday way, and use the environment, buildings, light and shadow to put them in context.

Here are the results.

My 'go-to' camera is a Sony Rx100 Mk4, but some of these are also captured with my Fuji XT3 and a fast 35mm lens.

These are the Sony Images

These are the Fuji Images

Sunday, 16 February 2020

London Architecture

I spent a very enjoyable three days with my lovely sister in London, took hundreds of photos of a great variety of subjects, so here is my selection of the architecture images!

Fuji XT3, 10-24mm, 35mm, 90mm lenses

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Liverpool Pierhead and Albert Dock

Whenever I visit Liverpool, I am invariably drawn to the Pierhead and Docks area.

There is so much wonderful architecture, both traditional and modern, to photograph.

The wide-open spaces that the buildings exist in create ideal conditions to show them off.

Here then, a selection from a crisp, clear, cold afternoon on the waterfront.

Fuji XT3, Fuji 10-24mm lens. Processed on iMac in Photoshop from JPEG images.

Albert Dock Sunset
Lambanana Sunset

Bill Fury And The Setting Sun

Doing The Tourist Photos

Ice Jet Movement

Fairground Colours At Sunset

Auditioning For The Beatles

Lights Coming On At The Albert dock

Dock Buildings Reflections

Golden Sunset Albert Dock Glow

Modern Museum Sunset

Sunset Swing

Golden Mersey Glow

Pumphouse View

Albert Dock Entrance

Black And White Buildings Reflections

Dockside Views In Black And White