Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Gathurst Lock

Once I arrived at the Lock, I used a zoom lens to take close-ups of the area.

There was plenty of shiny colour in the wood, stone, metal and trees thanks to the dampness.

Fuji XT2, Fuji 50-230mm XC lens.


Knowing I'd be in the area, I decided to do a 'themed' shoot along the Leeds/Liverpool canal at Gathurst for an hour.

In the middle of Winter, on a cold and damp day, there's not much about, so using the still waters of the canal provided the subject of my theme.

Starting at Bridge 46, I walked to the Gathurst Lock and took these seven images of reflections.

Fuji XT2, Fuji 50-230mm XC lens.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Misty Scotmans Flash

I spent a damp and misty hour at Scotmans Flash in Poolstock trying out my new Fuji lens.

It's a lengthy zoom, but given the mist, there wasn't much distance I could zoom into!!

I took all the images in Acros Black and White (a film simulation designed especially for Fuji), but I've duo-toned some of them for variety.

Fuji XT2, Fuji 50-230mm XC lens.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Three Sisters Recreation Area

An icy cold but sunny and clear morning with the flora and fauna in Ashton for a couple of hours today.

Fuji XT2, 55-200mm Fuji lens.

The birds were having a tough time of it on the frozen lake!

The low Sun and frost helped to create some really interesting images!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Billinge Hill Sunsets

After a very cold and crisp 1st January, I went to a good viewing place at the top of Winstanley to capture the setting Sun over Billinge Hill, the highest point hereabouts.

Another clear day on January 2nd saw me go to the Beacon itself, but the Sunset wasn't quite as spectacular, ah well.....

Fuji XT2, 55-200mm and 10-24mm Fuji lenses.

The Sun dipping below the horizon

Beautiful deep orange sky

 These images were taken from the Beacon

Final Sun rays

Jet Moon Venus

The Moon and Venus over a darkening St Helens sky

Moon Jet Venus

Golden cloud edges

St Helens lights up at dusk

Glowing Sun

Final Sunlight shines over Wigan and Winter Hill

Lights On!

North East Panorama as darkness settles