Saturday, 28 March 2015

Conway Visit

As well as my trusty Fuji camera, I took my new Olympus Stylus 1 camera to Conway, to get some more 'casual' images around the town.

This wooden-hulled boat was creating great reflections on the River where it was anchored.

Josie has visited this place since she was a little girl, she's taller than the doorway now!
Conway Bowling Club has a wonderful backdrop to its Green.

The chap in the bow was keeping very still indeed as the inflatable looked about to go down!!
A different view up Castle Street, from our table in the Chippy where we had lunch!

There were plenty of Gulls wheeling around the Harbour.

The evil-eyed Gulls are ever-watchful for scraps of food dropped by tourists!

The railway bridge was constructed very much in keeping with the castle next to it!

....and along came a train to prove it!

Conway Castle, B/W Studies

Black and White images emphasise shadows and light, so the Castle in sunlight provided plenty of opportunities to create strong images.

Fuji X-T1, 18-55mm Fuji lens.

Doorways, Arches and Windows
Chapel Tower

Chapel Prayer Alcoves

Stockhouse Tower

Chapel Stained Glass Windows

Chapel Alcove Portrait

King's Tower from King's Chamber

Inner Passageway to Spiral Stairs

Kitchen Tower from Kitchen

Conway Castle

Josie and I took advantage of a sunny Spring day with a drive to Conway, and a visit to the wonderful medieval Castle.

Fuji X-T1, 12mm Samyang lens.

South Western Ramparts

By Road, Rail and Foot
Southerly View from Chapel Tower
Inner Courtyard

River Conway Panorama from Chapel Tower

Inner halls

Western entry Gatehouse and Towers

Central Inner Courtyard

Outer Wall Guard Tower
Western Tower View 

Roaring fire in the Chapel Tower
Southern Ramparts

View from the Southern Tower

Southern Towers and Ramparts

Castle and Towers Panorama

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Manchester Street Photography

Following on from my Course with Damien Demolder, I treated myself to a new camera (!!!) for Street Photography, so here are a few attempts from Manchester City Centre.

Olympus Stylus 1.

Coffee Light

Bag Man

In The Spotlight


Taking Notes

White Scarf

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Street Photography Day

I booked myself a treat!

A day's course in Liverpool with Damien Demolder, former editor of Amateur Photographer and now a well-known and respected photography kit reviewer, Panasonic Ambassador, Street Photographer and all-round Nice Chap!

We were given cameras and lenses for the day courtesy of Panasonic, given instruction on use, a talk by Damien, then hit the streets of Liverpool to try the techniques!

I must admit that Street Photography isn't my favourite medium, but having answered the question "What is Street Photography?" with the answer "People interacting with Architecture", I felt much more comfortable, since Architecture Photography is my favourite medium.
I then just fitted people into my shots!

Damien is very keen on the interaction of shadows and light between buildings and people, and as many of my themes centre around 'shadows and light', I will in future try to look for these types of images.

Black on White (with reflection)

Damien giving instruction in lighting techniques and 'edges'

I've paired up the next three images, showing both the colour and black and white versions.

I really liked this shot, as there are very strong lines, lights and shadows. 
The unusual element is that the girl in the image is listening to her Samsung Galaxy and the Samsung sign is also really prominent!

I was waiting for someone to come into the light after the pillar's shadow, and this girl turned and smiled just as I clicked!

This girl didn't smile!!

Quirky 'on the spot' image.


Mark Baber (Panasonic Rep) in silhouette

The last image was printed out in A3 by Fotospeed, ink and printer specialists who were also present for the day. 
It just about summed up "People interacting with Architecture", as I managed to perfectly frame him in the door!