Friday, 10 November 2017

Wigan Greenheart Flashes

A usual haunt but a completely different area that I have never explored at the side of the Leeds/Liverpool Leigh Branch between Hawkley and Bamfurlong.

This is still part of the Greenheart Wigan Flashes area, but on the opposite side of the canal to the main path, and only accessible from Bridge 2.

The Wildlife Trust were strimming the paths to widen and clear them, so it is a more used area than I had realised. Plenty of Reedbeds, woodland, and a small Flash.

Fuji XT2, 60mm Fuji lens.

Bridge 2 Light

Stream Flow Colours

Sparkling Reedbeds

Leaning Over The Canal

Curious Young Swan

Double Exposure Swoosh

Gold On Grey

(Power) Lines In The Landscape

Reedbed Swooshery

Slow Stream Flow

Reed Swoosh

Wildlife Trust workers

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Poolstock Autumn Blue Skies

I had an hour on my regular circular walk of Poolstock under clear blue Autumn skies.

My route includes the Leigh Branch of the Leeds/Liverpool Canal, the Wigan Pier Complex on the Canal proper, the abandoned Eckersley's Mill buildings and the River Douglas.

I took my Olympus Stylus 1 camera, a great 'carry round' that produces superb images!

Autumn Colour View Towards Wigan

Floating Autumn Leaf

Lock 1 Reflection
Poolstock Reflection
Three By Three

This Young Swan was a real poser!

Pier Complex
Pier Reflections
Blue Sky Eckersley Tower
Two Towers
Tower and Tree
River Douglas Turn
Fast-Flowing River Waves

Monday, 30 October 2017

Billinge Plantation, a Woodland Trust site.

I took advantage of the low, bright Sun on a cold, clear day to take long shadow images of the trees at the top of this Plantation in Billinge.

The Woods are all on a steep Eastern facing slope near Billinge Beacon, so soon lose the sunlight in the afternoon, creating contrasting areas of shadows and light, my favourite!!

Fuji XT2, 10-24mm Fuji Lens.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Crosby Seafront

With the promise/threat of a high tide and strong winds from Storm Brian, I headed off to Crosby Beach where Gormley's 'Another Place' sculptures stand (they of course were well under water!).

There were plenty of people watching the unfolding drama, some a little more reckless than others, so I decided to take photos of them as well as some 'standard' wave images.

Fuji XT20, 10-24mm and 55-200mm lenses (so I could keep my distance, I'm not ruining my expensive equipment in salt water thank you!).

Seafront Promenade View

Direct Hit!

Rail Battering

Safe Distance

Holding On Tight!

Heads Up!!

Hoods Up!!

Leaving The Shoreline

It's Behind You!

He's Behind You!!

Daft/Stupid/Wet People Section

Move Back A Bit...

No Comment

Holding On Tight
Move Back Even More.......
Right by the Lifeguard Station......I didn't see the parents..........
Soaked Cyclist
In The Right/Wrong Place
Soaking Selfie

Organised Waves....Up The Steps!

Seafront Spray

Railing Splash

Windsurfer Jump