Monday, 4 March 2013

Liverpool Graffiti

I went to Liverpool today on a 'graffiti hunt', and discovered a Banksy amongst others!!
The large 'Metal Gear Solid' image is also on display in London and Leeds to promote the computer game of the same name.
I love the art work and colours, but I've not a clue what some of them say, I just can't 'see' the letters!!

Banksy Love Plane

Banksy reflection

Banksy detail in Black and White
Are You Happy?

Colourful letters. Can you see what it says?


Duke Street alleyway

J4F on Parr Street
Paint by Sicknote

Metal Gear advert

Metal Gear advert plain

I also took some general pictures while I was wandering around.

Liver Building and blue sky

Street architecture
Liver Building black and white silhouette
Super Lambanana on the Waterfront
Red bag

Super Lambanana Clown

Working Reflection



  1. Great images and my favourite super Lambanana has found its way onto Facebook:)

  2. Great shots - I just love graffiti, so colourful, but I can't read it either...