Thursday, 15 May 2014

St Annes Pier - Studies

I spent about 20mns at this weather-beaten and rusted structure, and discovered it was the original Landing Jetty for Pleasure Steamers at the end of the pier.
I was surprised that the sea barely reached it, knowing that it was full tide at the time, and then found out that due to dredging of the Ribble Estuary in the early 1900's, the Steamers could no longer reach the jetty as it was left high and dry!
Two large halls between the remaining pier and the jetty burned down in the 70's and 80's, leading to the jetty's splendid isolation!
I loved the starkness of the weathered wood and rusty metal, so went mainly for Black and White, some HDR shots.

Fuji X-T1, 35mm lens

Distant Structure

HDR Rust and Rot.

Patterns and Shadows
HDR Rusty Globe

Isolated Jetty

BW Rusted Globe

BW Wood and Metal

Not Joined Anymore.

Wet Wood and Metal
Posterized Under The Jetty

BW Metal

Structure Shadow

Structure Silhouette

HDR Under The Jetty


  1. Wonderful images - captured to perfection !

  2. I love the mix of vibrant colours and B&W. You have a great eye for abstract shapes!