Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Learning New Techniques

I've just received a great gift from my sister that, once again, is pushing my techniques and skills to new limits!

It's a Canon SX210is camera that has been converted to take Infrared images in the 590nm range, often called the 'Goldie' because it's in the orange range of colours of the visible spectrum of light.

As if taking decent normal colour images wasn't enough!

Here are a few examples then, some unprocessed except for a few levels adjustments, and some converted to Black and White.


  1. Well, isn't that exciting!! Have you tried Channel Mixer yet? In the red channel set red to 0 and blue to 100, then in the blue channel set red to 100 and blue to 0. It should give you blues where you currently have oranges - like in the sky :-))

  2. Alternatively, import them onto your iPad and use Snapseed for fantastic results!!