Sunday, 23 June 2013

Three Days In London

My lovely sister invited me to stay recently. When I visit London, I walk everywhere because there is always something to see! As usual, I covered miles and miles, so here are a few images of my travels.

All shot with my new Fuji X20.

View From The Millenium Bridge

Bankside sign on the side of the Thames. The letters are 5ft tall!

Covent Garden 8am. Never seen it so quiet!

Sketch artist in Borough Market. Not everyone has a camera!

London Eye reflection. What a surprise, rain in June!

Filming in the lift. All squeeze in! I know the faces, can't place the names!

Southbank graffiti.

Low-level view of St. Paul's under Millenium Bridge.

Coffee break at Monmouth's Coffee Shop, Covent Garden. Quirky place, but marvellous coffee (and little cakes!)

Young Australian artist leaving his Tag at Southbank. He'd arrived from Sydney two days ago!

Passing trains at London Bridge Station under the Shard, crossing over Borough Market next to Southwark Cathedral.

More high rise buildings surrounding the 'Gherkin'. One has already been nicknamed the 'Cheesegrater'

This group of drinkers managed to form a circle round a square table!

Panorama from the Shard looking North.

Tip of the Shard. The red strip lights are to warn aircraft!

Rooftop view from the apartment, featuring Shard, St.Paul's, Smithfield, Old Bailey and St. Sepulchre.

Tourist with City Of London Police Officer. The passing bloke looks intrigued!

Tilt-Shift view of London Bridge from the Shard.

An Umbrella canopy at Brewer's Wharf, Borough Market.

Wallart by Grems, on the side of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank. Using Hilary for scale!

Wembley Stadium in sunlight, North of London.

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