Sunday, 17 February 2013

HMS Illustrious

David and I went to Liverpool to see our country's last remaining Aircraft Carrier on its final visit.

HMS Illustrious bow view

HMS Illustrious stern view

Flypast (bloody pigeon!)

David looking cool

John blocking the view

Nameplate amidships
John zooming in to get the shot. Look closely and you can see the dignitaries on the ramp having a group photo too!
White Ensign amongst the radar antennae and masts.
Captain being piped aboard and saluted.

The Liver Building

The Museum of Liverpool

Old and New. The church is St. Nicholas, the white curved building is Atlantic Tower.

Ticket To Ride. Waiting for the tourists to board!

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  1. Great set of photos. Nice to see the blue sky - you should have been wearing shades as well!