Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I spent a few hours wandering round a very grey and misty Liverpool today, and came up with a few reasonable shots.

Cathedral Tryptych

Cathedral Colour

Stained Glass Sentinels
Misty Autumn Crown. I used my 50mm prime on this, took two shots, one with the crown in focus and one with the leaves, then did a Focus Stack in Photoshop!

I'm sure the rules are black and white on this one, Sir

What do you mean, I'm the odd one out, Officer?
...and I'm telling you there are NO grey areas in the law!


  1. I love the Cathedral photos....Misty Autumn Crown is very atmospheric.

    The Police officer doesn't seem in a hurry to move him on....

  2. The triptych is a great idea! I have never heard of a focus stack, but it has worked very well. Do you sharpen your images?