Saturday, 20 October 2012

Haigh Plantations

The Plantations around Haigh Hall are in full Autumn colour at the moment, so I went for a wander to capture the changing seasonal colours in the landscape.

Bridge 60
Two Canal Bridges

Sunlight on the Leaves

Getting Ready for Winter

Plantation Path

Woodland Fern

Acer Splash

Acer Leaves

Woodland Colours

Autumn Golf Course

Canal Reflection

No Autumn Picnics

Something's Missing!

Autumn Golf View to Wigan


  1. I think these photos capture perfectly the spirit of Autumn.

    My favourites are :

    Bridge 60
    Getting ready for Winter
    Acer Leaves
    Something Missing

  2. I love Bridge 60 - the colours and sunshine and zigzag of the shadows are lovely. I love the Sunlight on the Leaves with the shaded woods behind, and the Woodland Colours with the pattern of the treetrunks against the fallen leaves. But my favourite is the Woodland Fern with the trees gently blurring in the background.