Thursday, 8 January 2015

Siding Lane Nature Reserve

I discovered this Local Nature Reserve, situated just off the Rainford bypass. Designated in 2001, it covers an area of more than 7 hectares.

Siding Lane is the site of the former Rainford Colliery. The shaft was sunk through sixteen feet of wet gravel and sand in 1860. The 1926 coal strike marked a decline in the pit, which finally closed in 1928.

Over time, Birch woodland colonised the spoil heaps and today it is a scenic woodland, rich in wildlife. The damp shady habitat provides perfect conditions for a range of fungi including the colourful but poisonous Fly Agaric. Locally rare, the Harts Tongue Fern provides winter interest along the various old walls on the site.

A Male Greater Spotted Woodpecker Feeding.
Close to the Local Rail Track.
Winter Buds
The Old Wall
Forgotten Fencing
Winter Sun Ripples
Stone and Metal Sluice
Winter Catkins
Local Harts Tongue Fern
Woodland Winter Path

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