Monday, 23 June 2014

London - Views from A Clerkenwell Balcony

It's good to get above the hustle and bustle of the busy City streets, so this set of images take in the day and night views from a higher perspective.

Fuji X T1, 18-55mm lens.

Barbican Day to Night

Sunset Shard

Busy Bar Below

Lunchtime Sun or Shade

Lit Up Landmarks

Reflected Sunlight

The Night Crane

Sunset St Paul's and Chimneys
Touching The Clouds

Working Late

Urban Nature Night Time

Urban Nature Pop


  1. A Clerkenwell Tale in fabulous photographs...

  2. No two photographers take the same photos, it's fascinating to see what you notice! I particularly like the busy bar below, with its blurred people, and the reflected light...

    1. I liked the blur suggesting 'busy', and the light was all over the place in that corner of the Square!! I loved the night crane for its simplicity, and the evening red hues were superb for St Paul's and the Shard!!