Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Manchester City Visit (part 2)

I went up to the City Squares... Albert, St Anne's and Exchange to people watch, and take images too!!

Drinks before the big game, looks more like a Bierkeller... Bayern Munich fans are in town!

Cheeky squeeze....and this before he was married!!


Lean back, it's a big clock tower!

Spot the Bayern Munich fans.....in Lederhosen!

Open air office

Town Hall wedding, say cheese!

Driving the big yellow tram into the city

Relaxing with a coffee...but keeping an eye on the time!


  1. People watching at its best - love Relaxing with a Coffee and Cheeky Squeeze !

  2. I love the double image of Relaxing with a Coffee, but I can never resist Lederhosen ;-)