Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Modern Architecture - Salford Quays

Nothing better than a sunny and warm Spring day with crisp blue skies to go and photograph the striking modern area of Salford Quays where landmark architecture is prominent.

There are three areas of major buildings: Media City where BBC and now ITV have their Northern bases; The Lowry Theatre with Shopping Mall and apartments; and the West Bank with Imperial War Museum North and offices such as Quay West pictured here.

A short walk away along the regenerated Manchester Ship Canal is the Theatre of Dreams, aka Old Trafford, home of Manchester United F.C.

Panorama of Salford Quays: L to R, Media City, apartment living, Lowry Theatre and shops, Millenium Bridge leading to Quay West, IWM North. Behind to the right is the new ITV studio complex. I'm standing on the Media City Footbridge.

Media City from the Lowry Basin.

Blue and Green office block opposite the Lowry. The steel tower of the Lowry Theatre is caught in the reflection.

IWM Tower and roof glinting in the sun.

The 30m tall IWM Tower rising into the crisp blue sky.

Curves and lines on the Lowry Theatre.

Lowry Theatre curves.

Angles, light and shade on the Lowry Theatre exterior.

Close-up of the Lowry Theatre exterior.

Sunlight flashing off the metal exterior sheets of the Lowry Theatre.

Striking pattern on Media City.

Striking facade of Media City.

Reflections of Salford Quays in the golden windows of Quay West office block.

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