Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Formby Point

Josie and I had a drive out to the beach on Monday to this National Trust area, where we used to bring the children to feed the Red Squirrels. Their numbers declined very seriously to the point of extinction, but since the introduction of Black Squirrels, numbers are increasing again. They're still hard to photograph though!!

Canon 60D, 17-40mm, 70-200mm L lenses.

Black Squirrel

Pine Tree habitat

Red Squirrel
Winter Willow

Red Squirrel eating nuts
 It was too cold to stand waiting for the Squirrels to show themselves, so we went to the beach for some bracing sea air and to keep moving. We had left bright, clear skies in Wigan, but it was cloudy at the coast, which was great for photos, since the skies were much better for dramatic landscape shots!

HDR treatment to most of these to increase the contrast in the clouds!!

Formby South

Break In The Clouds

Formby North

Panorama Out To Sea

Tide Line South

Hand In Hand

Panorama North

Tide Line North

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  1. How fantastic to get such good pictures of the squirrels, and you are getting very good at HDR!