Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Long Wall Wood

I went for a walk to the Winstanley Estate wood to see if the Bluebells had appeared. They are just about ready, so I managed some fairly good shots in the breezy sunlight.

Canon 60D with 60mm and 100mm lenses.

....not that anybody takes any notice of it!!

Bluebell carpet

Bluebells and Oak

This motorbike looks like it's slowly turning into a tree!

Shady Bluebells
What's left of the Long Wall

Gnarled Oak
Sunshine on Bluebells

Blooming Bluebells
A dappled sunlight path leads into the wood

Hundreds of bright yellow Dandelions in a field on the edge of the wood

Huge Oak Knot

Smithy Brook runs through the edge of the wood

A pedestrian crossing over the Wigan/Liverpool line leads to and from the wood

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  1. Long Wall Wood looks lovely in the Spring sunshine!