Thursday, 10 January 2013

St Thomas The Martyr Church, Upholland

While Josie was busy at her Book Group meeting this morning, I took the opportunity to visit this historic Church for some Winter photos.
I used my Panasonic Lumix G1 with both the 14-45mm and 45-175mm lenses as appropriate.
The history of this lovely Church is here;

                                              History Of St.Thomas The Martyr Church

West View and Entrance

Ancient Entrance Doorway

East Window

West Tower
Priory Wall Remains
North Side Abutment
North Tower Window
Graveyard View

Old Grave

This is the Grave of Nanny Lyon, daughter of George Lyon, who is also buried here. Who was he?

                                                         George Lyon; Highwayman?

Winter Graves
A very old building overlooking the graveyard. The plaque has the date 1633.

These two were watching me intently from another building overlooking the graveyard!


  1. I assumed this was a Victorian church, I had no idea it had an ancient history!

    Did you know that 78 John Bartons were either baptised, married or buried between 1737 and 1899 in this church:


    1. It's no wonder I felt drawn to the place! I did find various Barton headstones on my wander, but no John. I'll have to go back for a further search. Interesting to see that some of them came from Winstanley too!